Dyslexia Workplace Needs Assessment

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What is a workplace needs assessment?

A workplace needs assessment will provide recommendations for reasonable adjustments needed for someone with dyslexia.

Before the assessment

We will contact you to take some initial details and to arrange a day for the visit. If you are in agreement we may also contact your employer to discuss how the assessment will help you and the types of support that may be considered.

What can I expect at the assessment?

Our assessor will visit your workplace to assess your current situation and look at areas of your job that you are finding challenging. They will discuss with you any assistive technology, training and coaching support that could help you, and make recommendations for reasonable adjustments.  


What happens after the assessment?

Your assessor may meet with your manager on the day of the assessment to feedback the reasonable adjustments that will be proposed. This is so your manager can be kept informed and can make any small changes straight away.

You will receive your report within 10 working days, and we will follow up with a phone call if there is anything in it that you wish to discuss.

What reasonable adjustments may I receive?

These will be discussed with you during your assessment, but your report may include a list of  specialist software, training, a workplace strategy coaching programme, dyslexia awareness training for managers, and any other reasonable adjustments that would be considered as ‘reasonable’ under the Equality Act 2010.