Workplace Coping Strategy Coaching

Our specialist coaching team provide a 'new and innovative' way of mentoring and providing practical advice and guidance to people with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, autism spectrum, ADHD, ADD and neurodiverse conditions.


The one-to-one sessions will explore your individual learning style and strengths, and help you to develop strategies and efficient work methods to support you in your everyday work setting.

Our aim is to:

Promote self-awareness
Reduce stress and increase productivity
Help identify your goals and raise motivation
Guide you to work in a more creative manner
Design a toolkit of strategies that will help you achieve your potential
Co-coaching sessions can also be provided to support the relationship between you and your manager, increase understanding and communication, and assist both parties in working well together.
Two people having a discussion
"Thank you for all your support! I was a bit reluctant at first to start the sessions but I am so glad I did. Your support has helped me to understand so much about Dyslexia and how It can impact us in many ways. This has really helped me to understand myself and the way I work and do things. It also helped me to be more accepting of myself. I feel like my confidence has started to grow and this has meant I have been able to talk to my manager about my dyslexia and started to look at reasonable adjustments to make my work more manageable. I have now got coloured lenses which help me to read and see much clearer. You have helped me to see all the positives of Dyslexia and how I can utilize these. I really can’t thank you enough for all your help. I’m going to miss our sessions."
Family Practitioner, Norfolk

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We are a UK supplier of Dragon Professional and Assistive Technology and training solutions with 15 years experience in supporting and helping individuals with disabilities in the workplace.

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We have years of experience working with individuals and organisations to provide assistive technology solutions that really work.

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