"This support was put into place to coincide with my return to work from long-term sick leave (ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia relapse). The timing of the course was superb in that it worked with me all the way during my phased return from day one. Without this support, what was a difficult return to work, would have been almost impossible. My tutor worked tirelessly with me to provide me with a good understanding of how my condition affects me in at work and developed strategies, personal to me, which not only helped for the immediate return period, but will also serve me well for the future. Given the setbacks that I suffered through IT issues and ill-health over the Christmas holidays, the support went a very long way in helping me to reduce my stress levels, and work through any difficulties.

I felt confident in talking about the issues I faced and felt “safe” in being able to discuss confidential issues. My tutor dealt with all our meetings in an enthusiastic manner and where relevant, a sense of humour.

We worked on a week to week basis, developing strategies that helped me to take one step at a time. In addition to providing supporting paperwork, my tutor was able to recommend various books to me which provided a good insight into my understanding of my condition, as a whole. I was also provided with methods to aid my memory and organisational skills. In addition, I was encouraged to work on templates to make the day-to-day operation of my job far easier. Coping strategies at home were also provided (to balance the whole process).

My tutor also provided me with advice on how I should deal with managerial issues relating to sickness and completing return to work forms. I was advised on the best way to talk about these issues in a way that is comprehensible to me, yet still dealing with the formalities required.

As a Dragon software user, I was provided advice and support regarding the IT issues I faced (which now look like they will be resolved).

When recommended by the Access to Work Assessor, I was unsure initially how the sessions would present, and what practical use they might provide. However, the experience has been exceptionally positive, no doubt down to my tutor’s hard work and skill, and I feel it will be a great asset to me going forward.

I can only imagine that such a service is highly beneficial for anyone who is lucky enough to receive it."

Local Government Procurement

“I have been dealing with the Procurement for our Access to work staff on and off for about 15 years or so dealing with requests for hardware and software such as Dragon, TextHelp Read and Write, Mindview alongside E-Voice.

E-voice provide most of our Access to Work products and training and always accommodate us even when they are given last minute changes.

I have found E-Voice to be a very professional and well organised established company and they always deliver an exceptional service. We can always call upon them for help and advice. They are very customer focussed and are always happy to give advice and support us with any issues or technical queries we may have”

“After just the first two sessions I’ve learnt so much about my disabilities and how they are empowering and something to be proud of, not something to hide and try and ignore. With support and help I was confident in my job interview and got the job! It was just so lovely being able to speak to someone who is so understanding and someone who can teach me all the weird and wonderful things about my disabilities and how to use them to my advantage. It really has changed my life!”
Social Care Facilitator
“I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your support with helping me with getting to grips with Dragon. I have learnt so much and continue to do so with additional hand-outs and with further exploration of the subject. The learning experience was positive and your passion for training on the subject was pitched at the right level, and you were able to answer the questions and queries I had. Thank you for your time and patience, and for all your support”
Family Practitioner
“Thank you for all your support! As you know I was a bit reluctant at first to start the sessions but I’m so glad I did. Your support has helped me to understand so much about Dyslexia and how it can impact us in many ways. This has really helped me to understand myself and the way I work and do things. It has also helped me to be more accepting of myself and I feel like my confidence has started to grow meaning I have been able to talk to my manager about dyslexia and started to look at reasonable adjustments to make my work more attainable. I now have coloured lenses which help me to read and see much clearer. E-voice has helped me to see all the positives of Dyslexia and how I can utilize these. I really can’t thank you enough for all your help. I’m going to miss our sessions."

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